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STC Technological University is a technological university which awards Master and Doctoral degrees in Applied Science, Applied Arts, Engineering and Education as well as providing the scholarships to the needy students of the developing countries.

It is a non profit international organization.

It only awards the degrees to the experienced researchers and the students who are awarded the scholarships. It does not offer any degree for commercial purpose.

STC Technological University academic council composes of academics from British West Indies & British Commonwealth Countries who nominate the candidates of research background to be awarded Masters & Doctoral degrees based on their practical research experiences & published works.

STC Technological University academic council also awards the scholarship Bachelor degrees in Engineering, Applied Science , Information Technology , Business Administration and Business Management through the affiliated colleges and schools led by International Academic Councillors.

For scholarship application & degree verification--Contact - [email protected]


Apply through the affiliated schools & colleges

Approval of the scholarship will depend on consultation of the International Academic Councillor responsible for a particular country & e-mail interview with the applicant.

Only the successful candidates will be contacted by e-mail. The university has the right to make no contact to unsuccessful applicants.

International Councillors , Affiliated Organizations & awarded doctorate degree holders

Please contact [email protected]

STC University is an International Non Government Organisation established to provide the education needs of poor students in developing countries and it has the base in British West Indies Islands but it does not register with any government and does not operate as a profit organisation.

It assists the students by providing the education through the Government Registered Schools, Colleges worldwide but it does not issue any degree by charging any cost.

For this reason, it is not our business to take the concern on accreditation, diploma mills, government recognition, any issues raised by any government accreditation authorities , any government education departments, any governmental education laws and accreditation as well as any of degree mills issues.

STC Technological University wants the students to read our website and contact us only if they have satisfied with our information as neither STC Technological University nor our partners and affiliated educational institutions will answer the questions related to above issues because we are operating as EDUCATION REVOLUTIONISTS to equalise the education among riches and poors, First World and Third World.

We confer appropriate awards to academics who join our Worldwide Education Revolution by contributing appropriate academic research, operation , courses, training and resource developments.


STC Technological University means St Kitts, Turk and Caicos Islands Technological University, operating as an International Educational Non Government Organisation since 2011 to assist the education needs especially in engineering which is essential to develop the communities of the students in West Indies, Caribbean , Africa, India, Pakistan, Myanmar and other developing countries.

As the main educational revolutionist activists founding members are engineering teachers from St Kitts, Turk and Caicos Islands who migrated there several years ago, we choose the name STC (St Kitts, Turk and Caicos).

Current CEO is Dr Peter Prasad originally from India.

Now STC Technological University has organised several colleges and schools which are either government registered or recognised by their regional professional organisations,

Based on the original awards, we provides the testimony in academic terms in accordance with MOUs.

Our network of affiliated colleges and schools include those in British West Indies, Africa, Asia, Middle East ,South Pacific and Latin America where there have been the most inequalities in education..

S TC Technological University Engineering Faculty is closely working with IQY Technical College Myanmar to deliver the engineering, engineering management and ICT engineering degree courses accredited by The Institution of Professional Engineers, Myanmar.

As we are educational revolutionist activists , if the instruments of the institutions which have done the most inequalities in education use the international media as the tool to undermine our efforts, we will also follow the same ways as utilized by them with the helps of our member activists worldwide.